Hoof Trimming Chutes & Equipment

Located in the West Plains of Texas, and operating since 1969, Riley Built ® is dedicated to providing quality hoof trimming chutes and hoof trimming equipment to customers around the world. Never before has there been a dairy hoof trimming system like ours. And for your convenience, we offer three Hoof Trimming Models to chose from.

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Hoof Trimming Chutes

Dairy Hoof Trimming Chutes are available in three different models:

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arrow Tandem Axle Trailer Trimming Chute
arrow 1 Ton Ford Truck Trimming Chute

Hoof Trimming Training

Our training program consists of one training officer per trainee. Learn More

Hoof Trimming School

Our school is 95% hands on, on the job training. Training officers are proficient, professional hoof trimmers. Learn More

Customer Testimonial


After 3 years I wanted to say thanks for the support, help and great chutes. After trimming on junk that was sure to kill me or the cow, a rileybuilt was a welcome sight in my driveway. Now 3 chutes later and growing to over 20,0000 cows a year, thank you for making it all possible by building the best cattle handling equiment on earth.

Brandon Beavers
Beavers Hoof Care Service, LLC
Mexico/Latin America Customers
 Australia/New Zealand Customers
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Experts in Hoof Trimming

We've been in the hoof trimming business for over 40 years. Never before has there been a dairy hoof trimming system like ours. Our patented hoof trimming equipment is second to none.

Founder Bill Riley has been recognized as a leader in the hoof trimming industry, serving on the Jobs and Prosperity Task Force Advisory Board and as President of the National Hoof Trimmers Association.

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